Girls Incorporated of Taunton

Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart & bold…

Girls Incorporated of Taunton - Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart & bold…

Annual Appeal 2018

THANK YOU! We are proud to have donors like you in our corner! Last year, your gift aided the support of life-changing programs that focus on topics like health, nutrition, body image and money management.

The Girls Inc. experience provides the right support, environment and programming girls need to develop confidence, leadership abilities and commitment to active, healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.  Strong by leading physically active lives, making healthy choices and having a sound body image. Smart by furthering their education and setting educational goals. And bold in fearlessly being themselves and advocating for others.

In the past four years, through strategic planning, our after-school membership has grown exponentially.  From 78 members in 2014 to 150 members already this year, we have seen a 48% increase in our after-school program alone.  Our goal over the next two years is to increase by an additional 13-33%.  We need YOUR help in reaching this goal and bringing the Girls Inc. experience to more girls, while maintaining a high level of quality in our programming.  We are excited for Girls Inc. of Taunton’s advancement and cultivation and hope to have you join us in supporting our community of young girls.

With your personal investment, Girls Inc. can continue to teach girls in our community that they can be strong, smart and bold! We need individuals, foundations, and corporations like you who invest in Girls Inc. each year to continue to foster our distinct and necessary environment.  You can make a gift today by mail or go online to  On behalf of all the girls, thank you in advance for your commitment.

If you have any questions or would like to to support Girls Inc. today, contact us at 508.824.9511 or